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Esthetic dentistry is the marriage between the ‘art and science of dentistry’. The simultaneous application of technical and artistic skills enables us to achieve outstanding esthetic and functional results. 

To achieve this success, one needs to possess both technical and artistic skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the different treatment modalities and materials available. As in other areas of dentistry, treatment planning is paramount, and must include a comprehensive history and assessment of the patient that includes informed consent to the procedures being proposed. The importance of diagnosis and treatment planning prior to any procedure cannot be over-emphasized, remembering that oral health and function are integral to successful esthetic dentistry. We evaluate every patient to determine which is the best path to a fabulous smile.

The availability of new materials and techniques has led to the development of minimally invasive or ultra-conservative approaches to manage many dental problems. Ultra-conservative dentistry is respectful of soft tissues and seeks to minimize the removal of any tooth structure if at all possible.

The advent of adhesive dentistry has allowed restorative treatment utilizing a conservative, minimally invasive and sometimes no-preparation technique. This has revolutionized dentistry, as has the continuing development of dental mat­erials that improve both esthetic and long-term outcomes.

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